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Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accountancy is a challenging career at the cutting edge of trade, industry and economic growth. Chartered Accountancy is a high status profession and a passport to challenging and rewarding career in industry and commerce.

Chartered Accountancy is a profession that imparts the best of technical skills in accounting, auditing, taxation, financial and management areas.

The society has increasingly recognized the services of CA’s in entire gamut of financial reporting and management consultancy including management accounting, management information and control

 systems, international finance, information technology and financial services sector. On becoming a Chartered Accountant, you have many options for pursuing challenging and rewarding career.

In this Scheme, the chartered accountant will be equipped not only with the technical competence, professional skills and professional values, but also with ethics and attitudes in order to gear up to take on new roles. CAs would now be able to play a significant role in helping businesses avert risks there by facilitating the businesses to contribute towards make in India and nation building.

Global Scenario

Today, the Indian Chartered Accountancy qualification is well recognized in many countries as Indian CA’s are taking up attractive global careers. Indian CA’s are highly sought because of their skill sets and high quality of education.

The opportunities are simply ever increasing. Today, huge opportunities are available for professionals with specialized knowledge and skills sought by global organizations. These include areas of globally accepted financial reporting, national and international taxation, finance and corporate law. The knowledge of local laws and regulations, of course, places Chartered Accountants in a stronger position to supply services to global organizations entering the Indian Market.

Opportunities for Chartered Accountants

Chartered Accountant as a Global Accountant

Knowledge of IndAS/IFRSs will benefit the Chartered Accountants in away that they will be able to cater their services as experts in the area of financial reporting in different parts of the world. CAs will have plethoraofopportunitiestorendertheirservicesonapplicationofIndAS/  I FRS to various industries.

Chartered Accountant as an Auditor

Appointment of Chartered Accountants as auditors is mandatory under the Companies Act, 2013, for listed Companies, Private Ltd Companies, Government Companies, Banks etc. UnderIncomeTaxAct1961, Tax Audit is also statutorily required to be conducted by Chartered Accountants, education of Auditing would be imperative to conduct such audits.

Chartered Accountants in the Taxes & Audit of Accounts

Taxation, Accounts & Audit all three go hand in hand. Direct and Indirect Taxation has

Paved way for new career opportunities for Chartered Accountants to venture. This domain is the need of the hour since  all business organizations irrespective of their size fall under the ambit of Direct & Indirect Taxation and definitely need a professional help.

Chartered Accountants in the Field of Finance

Traditionally the role of chartered accountant was limited to ordinary financial management functions such as investment decisions, capital structure decisions and divid end decisions. But now a days Chartered Accountant scan also render services in the following dynamic areas…

  1. Strategic Financial Decisions
  2. Capital and Money Market
  3. Foreign Exchange Risk Management
  4. Mergers and Acquisitions
  5. Investment Banking
  6. Treasury Management
  7. Hedge Funds
  8. Portfolio Management
  9. Risk Management
  10. Mutual Funds
  11. Credit Rating
  12. Venture