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CMA Intermediate

CMA Intermediate

Group 1

Paper-5 Financial Accounting

To gain understanding and to provide working knowledge of accounting concepts, detailed procedures and documentation involved in financial accounting system.

Paper-6 Laws, Ethics and Governance

To give an exposure to some of the important laws essential and relevant for a business entity. To demonstrate an overview of laws related to Companies. To provide knowledge, comprehension and principles of Corporates.To construct the principles and ethical values of the business and professionals.

Paper-7 Direct Taxation

To gain knowledge about the direct tax laws in force for the relevant previous year and to provide an insight into procedural aspects for assessment of tax liability for various assessees.

Paper-8 Cost accounting and financial management

To provide an in depth study of the Cost Accounting Principles and Techniques for identification, analysis and classification of cost components to facilitate managerial decision making.

Group 2

Paper-9 Operation Management Information System

To provide an in depth study of the various business process, analyze operations, production planning and strategic management.

Paper-10 Cost and Management Accounting

To provide an in depth knowledge of the detailed procedures and documentation involved in cost ascertainment systems. To understand the concepts of Financial Management and its application for managerial decision making.

Paper-11 Indirect Taxation

To provide an in depth study on the various provisions of indirect taxation laws and their impact on business decision-making.

Paper-12 Company Accounts & Audit

To gain in depth knowledge of the professional standards, principles and procedures regarding preparation of financial accounting statements. To provide basic knowledge of auditing.

11th& 12th Standard

  • Accounts Paper – For CBSE/ STATE
  • Commerce Paper – For CBSE/ STATE
  • Business Maths Paper – For CBSE/ STATE